About this Site

When I originally set up saru-san.com back in 2004, the purpose was to experiment with building websites, and it served that purpose well. The front end program I used at that time was a little something called Geeklog – a massive php venture that consisted of various modules that were not always user friendly, and required a lot of manipulating to make right. It was a powerful tool, but it was also kind of ugly.

I kept with it for years, though, mainly because I was too lazy to change, and it was running like a top, so why bother? It was a lot more than I needed, but it was fun, and it did the trick.

Then some phishers came along and exploited a weakness somewhere in my domain. Whether that weakness was in Geeklog, or in the Gallery I also had running on my site, I cannot be sure. But it succeeded in destroying it all. Wiping it out completely. Nothing but devastation in its path. A trail of tears.

So now, in its place, I have installed the much more user-friendly WordPress, and a stronger, more secure Gallery, and this is what you see before you. I still do most of my writing over at my Diaryland site, but with WordPress being so easy to use, this may eventually become more than just a front page for my Gallery.

Stay tuned…

EDIT: As it turned out, the site crashed one more time, and in an effort to get out from under the tyranny of dismal service that was IX Webhosting, I ended up destroying the Gallery – again – this time, irreparably. Instead of dealing with the heartache of restoring it for what would be the billionth time, I went with the easier solution and uploaded all the pictures – without captions or even necessarily any sense of order – to Flickr. Which means that this is no longer merely a front page for my Gallery, and I had better get my ass in gear and start writing again!