Thumbing a Drive

Swiss Army KnifeI remember the glee I felt when I first stumbled upon an article discussing the merits of portable computer applications that can be run from a thumb drive, and I immediately set about scouring the internets for just such applications. I built myself a great little “Swiss Army Knife” of apps for doing everything from cleaning out registries to graphic design to antivirus to word processing to you-name-it. It was a damned sweet suite, although maneuvering through the folders to find the exact right program for the job did start to get cumbersome.

And then, after a particularly satisfying session using GIMP to draw maps for a wedding invitation, I decided to research portable apps once again to see what other gems I could add to the drive, and I found something so amazingly spectacular that there’s a gaping hole in my head where it blew my mind:


LiberKey is a complete suite of over 200 fully portable file management, audio, video, office, security, network, internet, graphics, etc. etc. etc. applications that fit onto a tidy 2gb USB thumb drive, with the added advantage of having a handy taskbar menu that groups all of the apps into their respective categories and subcategories for ease of use. You can easily add or remove apps from the suite and from the menu to suit your own needs, and the whole package goes along with you wherever you go.

Very nice.

And completely free.

If you feel like digging through over TWO THOUSAND apps on the way to greatness, try the Lupo Pen Suite, which seems to have a better interface but, like the Robin Williams character in search of coffee in the film Moscow on the Hudson, I cannot put myself through having to choose from among that many options!

In the interest of full disclosure, you’ll find that you cannot go wrong with, which also has a lovely taskbar menu.

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