The Lap Film Festival

film-projectorA little bit of Hollywood darkened my doorstep last weekend when a fantastic film festival came to town.

Okay, not really. The “film festival,” a collection of exploitation films from the 1930s, came to my lap courtesy the internets, so unlike an actual film festival there was no hoopla, no judging, no celebrities or auteurs, no madding crowds… just a marathon of vintage crap. And bonus – it was completely free!

The films are all available on what could possibly be the most awesome site ever created for those of us with a decidedly nostalgic bent: The Internet Archive. Scoot on over to the Moving Images section and be prepared as a rift forms in the space-time continuum and The Past spills out all over your Now.

My personal film festival was an exploration of exploitation, delving into such sensitive topics as drug addiction, sexual perversion, and insanity:

Interspersed among these five feature films were short films on bus safety (with ghosts!), television advertising from the 1950s and 60s, and rural civil defense television spots from 1965.

The internet: Making my lap happy since 1984.

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