Fat Daddy’s BBQ

Big Daddy's BBQFood from street vendors carries with it some element of risk, whether that vendor is on the side of the road in a remote 3rd world country, or off the highway in rural Wisconsin. That’s a large part of its charm. This, combined with the promise of finding something truly authentic and delicious, makes buying food from these vendors almost irresistible.

So when we stopped for gas along Highway 18 in some forgotten town in Wisconsin and saw Big Daddy’s BBQ pulled up next door, there was no question but that we’d be sampling Big Daddy’s wares. And honestly, I have not had a brisket sandwich that good outside of Texas. The meat was moist and tender and flaked apart easily, a sure sign that time was taken to prepare it correctly. The sauce (they had two kinds – hot and mild, and I opted for the hot) was piquant and savory with just a touch of sweetness.

If you ever find yourself passing by Big Daddy’s on Highway 18, turn right back around and get you some grub. It’s worth a stop.

(I wouldn’t necessarily recommend holing up in the Lawn Motel, though. That could be taking dodgy to whole new levels.)

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