Adios, IX

While it would be extremely naive of me to think that the days of being taken over by GHoST61 and others of his ilk are finished, I certainly feel a lot safer now. I finally ditched IXWebhosting, my former hosting partner, in favor of Dreamhost, and things are already moving a lot faster, smoother, and just plain better.

One of the major gripes I had with IXWebhosting was the way they kept moving files and folders and changing permissions, locking me out of access to my own files while allowing Turkish scum (and their whole ilky lot) to invade. My site was trashed and rebuilt more times than I care to count… it was home to phishing scams, malevolent viruses, hackers and uberhackers and scams of all sorts. It was a cesspool. A filthy, stinking, cesspool.

But those days are hopefully behind me. IX has been banished, and the site has found greener pastures. The only casualty in all of this was the Gallery, which was irreparably damaged in the transfer, but that’s okay. It was top heavy, laden with overcomplicated code and just plain a great big pain in the ass. And anyway, that’s what Flickr is for.

So, yeah. That’s that.

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