You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Don’t worry, though… it’s not one of those chain-rattling specters sent from beyond the grave to teach us all a valuable lesson about the real meaning of Christmas, or a manic and violent soul hell-bent on revenge, or even one of those moody broody emo ghosts that mopes about tilting pictures on the walls and knocking things off the mantelpiece. No, it’s not any of those sorts of ghosts.

It is GHoST61, an apparently well-known hacker, who enjoys depositing a false index page into other peoples’ websites like a steaming hunk of cyberstool. I learned of this attack from my pal, Johnny K, whose own site was also attacked. Fortunately I was able to restore mine – at least for now – but something seems to have gone drastically wrong over at strangeattitude.

I can’t understand why people have to channel their creative energies through such destructive channels. It takes a lot of time and effort and creativity and yes, even love, to build a website and fill it with content, even if all you ever use it for is to bitch about this and that or to cover yourself in glory. And then some jackass has to come along and bring it down? For what? So the three people who actually stop by here can’t look at the pumpkin video?

Well, GHoST61, I managed to get this crappy little site running again. The whole world can now see my robotic pumpkin in action, and they can learn how to make a caipirinha, and they can read about what a good time the pig roast was. I know, I know… it’s anarchy! Run for your homes! Hide the women!

And while you’re at it, could you PLEASE just leave this site the hell alone?

Thanks. Jerk.

EDIT: Apparently this GHoST61 is from Turkey, and the taking over of lame websites is to let the world know that he/she/they has/have a problem with war in general and George W. Bush in particular. This site was hacked in a much more elaborate fashion than was mine, and all of GHoST61’s gripes are clearly enumerated below. Plus, bonus! You get to listen to that sick wailing the whole time you read. Seriously, dude, that’s never going to be a breakaway pop hit.

Well, guess what GHoST61? I don’t much care for war, either, and as for GW, well, I voted against him twice and against his clones this third time, so how about you cut me some slack and take your protest somewhere that it might do some good? The only Turkey I want to have anything to do with for the rest of this year is the delicious golden brown turkey I’ll be eating on Thanksgiving.

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